A) Color Craft Paper: Laminated furniture and wall board panelling are applications where the demands of Colour Craft paper are extremely high. Printed appearance, opacity, lacquer holdout and limited fibre show when tooling are amongst a long list of considerations when choosing the correct grade. SHINCO Colour craft Paper, available in 40, 50 & 70gsm, has become an essential product for the laminate Industry due to its stringent quality controls & specifications. End usage: Colour craft paper is Used in Wood Laminating Industry.

B) Insulation Craft Paper: Crepe Paper are finished as full size rolls or slit into strips for use primarily as insulation of high-voltage parts in electrical equipment /transformers construction. The high degree of crepe guarantees problem free manual or automated processing & provides firm ply-to-ply bonds. SHINCO's electric grade paper have excellent acceptance in global market & is available in 1.5 / 2.0 / 2.5 / 4.0 mil.
End usage: Insulating Craft Paper is used in Electric & Transformer Industry.

C) Interleaving Craft Paper: Strong, clean, particle-free and chemically neutral - all key characteristics of interleaving paper designed to protect high quality stainless steel rolls and sheets. Our interleaving grades offer superior runability, allowing state-of-the-art steel machinery to run at full speed.





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